• Defence Communications
  • Communication Security Solutions
  • Electronic Warfare (EW) Systems
  • Portable Mobile Broadband Solutions
  • Military Satellite Communication
  • Maritime Security Barriers
  • Company Profile

    Defenium with its globally renowned partners has been at the forefront of shaping the Defence and National Security landscape of Pakistan for four decades. Over the years, the Company has earned a reputation of a solid and reliable business partner, providing state-of-the-art technologies, high quality products and services together with innovative solutions backed by comprehensive after-sales support to the Defence Forces of Pakistan.
    The Company has rich experience spread over decades of delivering and implementing major projects in the fields of Military Hardware Solutions / Systems, Tactical Communication System, Strategic Communications System, Field Optical Fiber Cable Communication System, Defence Electronics, Encryption Solutions, Air Defence System for Pakistan Armed and other Forces. Our partnerships over the years have been with globally renowned defence manufacturers and solutions providers like EADS, Crypto AG, Brugg Cables, Ascom, Ericsson Microwave and NERA AS.


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